About Us

Luremia Outdoor

Luremia Outdoor (Hong Kong) Co., Limited was founded in 2023 by four avid lure fishing enthusiasts from Sydney, Melbourne, Hongkong and California. We are dedicated to developing practical and high quality lures at an affordable price for our customers.

We all know that lures are consumables. In the current lure market, there are primarily two types of fishing lures. One type consists of cheap and ineffective products, while the other type is produced by well-known big brands. Those branded products are undoubtedly of high quality and beautifully crafted but often come with a hefty price tag. Considering the cost, frequently losing those ‘big brand’ lures in fishing will be such a sad thing. Therefore, Luremia strives to find the perfect balance between price and quality in fishing lures. We aim to provide our customers with products that rival the quality of major brands while offering the best value for their money. This makes our lures particularly suitable for pragmatic lure enthusiasts, including both experienced and novice players.

Luremia Fishing is more than just another average online fishing tackle retailer. We not only sell top-quality products but also provide our customers with a consistently wonderful online shopping experience.